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Meet Devon

Author - Public Speaker - Mother of 3

My name is Devon Keith, and I have been a single parent to three amazing children for over 20 years. I am a motivational speaker, author, sneaker lover, and entrepreneur who believes in dedication, autonomy, and manifesting greatness!  
As a single mother, I've been on a crusade to avoid a life of poverty and mediocrity.  I have endured domestic violence, lived in a homeless shelter, and have multiple "baby daddies," - which technically makes me the stereotypical single mom.  However, I've also built and maintained numerous businesses, given myself a financial makeover, and acquired a six-figure income - which is not the norm! 

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What I Specialize In

Financial Autonomy


Setting Family Goals

Building Healthy Relationships

Inspiring others

Barefeet on Sand

"If you want something you've never had - you must be willing to do something you've never done"

When I approached Devon about financial autonomy, I was skeptical.  In a few short months, My credit score has raised by 100 points, I am better with financial fluency, and we are working on a strategy to continue my financial journey.

- Lakishia H.

When I began my divorce, I was afraid of becoming a single mother.  After several meetings with Devon, I've learned to manage my budget, have found peace with my divorce and got a promotion at my job.

I can't wait for the next steps in my personalized strategy!

- Latashia L.

Working with Devon has been an eye-opening experience.  She provides fresh perspectives and is honest, even when I may not want to hear it! 
I contribute my growth as a single mother to her.

-Nancy M.

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