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Meet Devon

The Complicated Single Mom

My name is Devon Keith, and I've been a single parent to three amazing children for over 20 years. I am a motivational speaker, author, sneaker lover, and entrepreneur who believes in dedication, autonomy, and manifesting greatness!  

As a single mother, I've been on a crusade to avoid a life of poverty and mediocrity.  I have endured domestic violence, lived in a homeless shelter, and have multiple "baby daddies," - which technically makes me the stereotypical single mom.  However, I've also built and maintained numerous businesses, given myself a financial makeover, and acquired a six-figure income - which is not the norm!

I want to provide my audience with the unique perspectives that I've garnered from my single parenting struggles to help others realize their untapped potential. Through my content, I will use real-life examples to teach single parents to use their invaluable talents and impact their lives positively. Each course on this site will break down simple concepts regarding finances, mental maintenance, and ending negative generational patterns. Single parenting is challenging and is also a breeding ground for false narratives. I have made it my mission to destroy those stereotypes and re-write the story for everyone I meet.

Excellence is a voyage, not a destination or a one-stop shop! My journey has inspired me to teach, develop, motivate, and mentor single parents. I am dedicated to helping my audience to empower themselves and achieve success.  

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